Thursday, February 27, 2020

Deciding whether to use flexible staffing Case Study

Deciding whether to use flexible staffing - Case Study Example Flexible Staffing Services, FFC, is a late entrant into the staffing industry priding itself in the provision of qualified human resource. Kaiser Manufacturing Company on the other hand is an experienced company operating in the manufacture and sale of agricultural products. The company that has operated for the past fifty ears remained stuck in the traditional system of managing human resource thus resulting in the modern operational stalemate in the company. Kaiser Manufacturing Company, KMC, continues to experience diminish demand for its products while the labor costs in the company continues to rise owing to the fact that the company has an older workforce. Such a workforce boasts a well of experience in the traditional mechanisms of both production and marketing but do not appreciate the changes in the market a feature that validates the company’s dwindling fortunes. The company therefore requires the services of a contemporary staffing company, one that understands the industry and will sustain the provision and effective management of employees at the organization thus enhancing the company’s profitability. Flexible Staffing services provide employees in unique packages that safeguard the interests of the client. The situation at KMC requires a pool of employees hired in appropriate mechanisms in order to low the escalating cost of labor at the company. The Flexible Staffing Services promise the diverse workforce that the company require. The company furnishes its clients with numerous classes of employees qualified in varied sections of an organization including production, management, technical and clerical. KMC requires such a wide range of employees a feature that makes the staffing company essential. The company promises a group of unified employees besides the fact that the company will provide KMC with a large pool of possible employees to choose from (Klemmer, 2009). Among the primary

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