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The Process Analysis Essay Example for Free

The Process Analysis Essay Introduction    An essay is a comprehensive form of true and fair view of representing facts in a particular style of writing [APA, Harvard, MLA, Oxford etc.,] about a subject, issue or a topic. It   defines, briefs, describes achievements, discusses facts and ideas and projects future claims of any paramount discussion or subject.  Ã‚  Ã‚   An essay is immensely useful to students, lecturers, professors, employees and to business entrepreneurs. It   provides large amount of information in snippets while saving time and enabling the process of decision making much easier. A well-written essay is easily readable, delivers accurate dialogue,   serves the purpose of writing and is in close relevance with the usage of terms and phrases. Essay: How useful it is:    Students: Essay can be used as preparatory notes for final exams and also as a gist of main points to work in detail and prepare notes. It is also used for evaluation purposes by teachers in schools. Lecturers Professors: Essays provide new information to lecturers, while evaluating, although it is a hard job to go through students essays over and over again about the same topic, to grade the essays of students.   Most of the students never give up to improve their grades and in order to upgrade their levels, efforts are hard to bring out the best in sources, ideas, and include in writing which results in   a refined work. Employees and Business Entrepreneurs : An essay provides details about a particular field. For example, if a small nursery garden is to be opened, for selling plants, a complete detailed planning is required for a beginner.   This can be discussed through essay as it serves   the purpose of even a small home business.   For an employee, essay is a media of communication for motivation, instruction or explanation for any matter that cannot be discussed over table on a personal or management level. Look more:  process essay III. Kind of Essays:   The usage of words and framing of sentences is dependent on the level or grade of student. i.e. school, college, university/Master or research.  Ã‚   Basing on the level of education, simple, medium, high-level of English language can be used. Students: Grade :8-10+2, essays are informative and in order with curriculum, easily readable and vivid in concept presentation while written in simple English. College: 12+ : Essays are written according to the expectations of lecturers. Lecturers would like to ascertain the level of understanding of students.   Therefore, the emphasis is on understanding of concept rather than providing information from various sources.   For example, if a student is asked to write about FIFA as a current sport in trend, student is expected to brief   about   the sport, its importance and what is the personal approach of the student, towards FIFA.   This will also entertain the lecturer and builds the rapport with the student. University Research: Working on essays in this particular level, require utmost hard work, care and excellent usage of English language. Students are in great benefit for their sincere efforts at a later point of time in career, therefore, any lacunae in writing essays, or researched essays will result in lowering their image. A detailed and thorough hard work is required, even if it is time consuming. As they say â€Å" paper always speaks† of what we are. Concentration is required in the following areas while writing University and Research essays: Collection of facts and preparing draft notes. Collection of views, surveys and opinions. Collection of advantages, disadvantages, remedies and future claims. Excellent usage of English language, with proper punctuation and grammar. Read, re-read, print draft, correct the draft, read and finally print. WYSIWYG : what you see is what you get. Application of four ‘W’s: [why, who, what and where A good beginning is always impressive and encourages reader to look further. Apart from writing facts, encourage and entertain the reader with new and accurate information. Attempt to prove that â€Å"pen is mightier than sword† in writing which will definitely results in achievement of good grades. Essays :Provide information for multi-projects For a venture capitalist or a novice in business, web provides a complete information for all. Gathering information, processing and framing as an essay is a perfect outlook for essay form of writing. Perfect essay works and achieves its target.   Therefore, it is important to analyze what is required in essay and its emphasis while taking up a subject for details.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Without proper and exact analysis of what information is required, many a times, essays do not serve the purpose. Concentration is required in the following areas for gathering details: Purpose of essay : whether it is for real time project/business or a student-based. What is required: A clear writing of the requirements in essay will make the job easier and fast in collecting details. A quick short break : While preparing essays, short breaks will provide fresh ideas, words and sentences. Always jot down the points and tick as and when the writing is finished. Adopt and practice professional writing and presentation. What are the components of a good Essay Use best English Simple style of writing, neat, professionally presented, using not too difficult jargon, is appropriate and considered good for essays. Avoid pessimism, criticism [different from advantages and disadvantages] and negativity in essays. Represent facts in short sentences, paragraphs and numbered sub-headings.   Usage of business terms, legal phrases or with respect to any other field are considered appropriate and suit the need for a good essay. References References are best sources to prove, the kind and quality of essay.   Quality essays always provide and present professional sources. Browsing through a well-written, informative source will assist a student to understand, assess and re-write which is an excellent job in quality writing. What is required in the content? For example, a Microwave oven does baking, cooking, defrosting, grilling and heating. It also heats on the levels. i.e. 100%, 80%, 60%. The user has to press the indicator for a particular task.   Similarly, each particular subject/topic/issue, has varied forms. What is required in the content has to be absolutely clear and concise. Conclusion Before beginning of writing an essay, question should be well read, understood, and analyzed as to what is expected in an essay as answer. Further work on jotting down points according to the number of pages, whether more details can be written or to be in brief. A single source cannot provide the entire information, if more number of facts or details are to be worked out, it is required to visit more number of sources, collect points and frame notes. Dos Walk an extra-mile for research on a topic. Allocate specific hours to think and write on a particular issue. Provide accurate, consistent and tidy work. Re-assess the final job before submission. Don’ts Avoid rush-up work as per the proverb â€Å"haste makes waste†. Never get disheartened if grading is not up to the expectations, but try to work hard to bring the essay to the standards. Reference: How to write an essay: http://www.How to write an essay.htm

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