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Management of Business Telecommunications

Question: Discuss about the Management of Business Telecommunications . Answer: Introduction The following information relates about the impact of Big Data in a business organization. Big data is the most recent revolution in the field of technology. It refers to the assemble and the gathering of data to represent authentic information for the business enterprise. Both Mindtree and CS solutions have put systems in place so that Big Data can be used for the organizations benefit. The Big data represent a set of data that includes the analysis, capture essential information for sharing, transfer storage of essential data and information. According to Akintunde (2013), evaluation of big data shall enable a business organization to identify the latest trends in the field of business and finance. Therefore, this shall enable a business reorganization to frame operational and marketing policies if the business organization does not meet the expectations of the organization. An effective Big Data implementation would assist a business enterprise to reduce cost of productions and en hance the productivity of the organization requiring minimum amount of time and effort. Discussion According to Andreev, Balandin and Koucheryavy (2012), the network infrastructure of a business organization shall be affected by a number of critical attributes like the range of technology used in the business operations, the scale of operations used in the business enterprise and the nature of the production facilities in the organization. In this regard, it can be said that both Mind tree and CS solutions have a strong network infrastructure that assists the business organization to achieve operational efficiency and bring greater coordination among the departments in a business enterprise. However, the network infrastructure is influenced by a number of factors in a business organization like the vulnerable market conditions and the affectivity of suppliers present in the business organization. The network infrastructure shall facilitate greater flow of communication from the top management of the business organization and would assist a business enterprise to ensure smoother bu siness operations . Mindtree have made substantial investments in the research and development to facilitate excellent networking among the stakeholders in a business organization (Angelou and Economides 2013).However, this shall enable a business enterprise to gather adequate technological data and make necessary alterations to the network functionalities carried out in the business organization. According to Cong-Vinh (2013), a effective network infrastructure has assisted the business enterprise to facilitate its distribution policies. Here, Big Data has played an essential role in improving the productivity of the business organization . It has identified a few critical factors that can substantially contribute to the development of an effective network infrastructure. These include- effective implementation of network terminologies, the presence of brand width to capture required data that would enable a business entity to make pertinent changes to the operational policies of a business enterprise. In this regard, it can be said that big data has created the path for business analytics to authentically represent data in the organization that would cater the existing operational and functional strategies of a business enterprise. Mindtree and CS solution have been using Big Data, which shall consist of the following: Hadoop: The handoop is a model that assists users to gather and operate big data across a range of computers in a business environment using designated models. (Du 2013) It assists the business enterprise in using a single source of machines across a range of business machines. NoSQL : The NSQl is an advanced technology mechanism that enables a business enterprise to assist the coordinate the operational policies of a business enterprise . Implementing effective Big data procedures, requires the use of network infrastructures in an effective manner. In the context of Mindtree and C S solutions, there is a need for the transfer of data across multiple devices. Therefore, effective distribution system is of primary importance, which would assist in the transfer of data in minimum time. According to Du, W. (2013, , these business enterprises are developing 10 GBE network infrastructure to facilitate enhance use of Big Data business infrastructure. (Fischer 2012). This has been a major trend in the recent years when compared to the past when the business enterprises was in the initial stages of running a 1Gbe to 10 Gbe business network . Big data has been of enormous use to the business organization in regard the following: Mobility Trends - This relates to the usage of mobile devices through data sharing, capturing as well as storage of effective information. Access of information and use- The internet has been playing an effective role for the transmission of big data through tools like social networking as well as convergent interfaces and business models. Ecosystems constituents- The eco-system capabilities basically relates to wide framework, computing for general needs of the business organization and a proper coordination of network The concept of Big Data constituting of Data Mining as well as analytics covers a range of activities like market research as well as behavioral modeling (Vanmechelen, Altmann and Rana 2012). Besides this, it includes decision making depending on inferences drawn as per the needs of the organization Identifying the target market segment and developing advertisement policies - The target market segment can be recognized through the help of big data procedures in a particular country. Therefore, pertinent measures should be assisted to in the presence Sales promotional activities - The sales promotional activities can be enhanced through implementing big data procedures in a business organization. Evaluating social behavioral patterns - The social behavioral patterns can be identified in the presence through the big data procedures adopted by the business organization Optimization procedures through metadata-based procedures - Another essential procedure of big data are optimization of the operational policies of a business enterprise. Conclusion The necessity of Big Data procedures can be estimated from the usage of data models related to applications and storage of resources in a particular accounting year. As such, there has been an increase in the cost of operations. The modified data models bring newer business challenges to a particular business concerning their interpretation as well as evaluation. The big data model shall enable a business organization to gather large-scale data and identify the business trends and make appropriate business policies. References Akintunde, S. (2013). Levels and Pattern of Use of Global System for Mobile Telecommunications ( GSM ) Potentials among Selected Elite Group in Abeokuta. AJBMR, 1(9), pp.78-84. Andreev, S., Balandin, S. and Koucheryavy, Y. (2012). Internet of things, smart spaces, and next generation networking. Berlin: Springer. Angelou, G. and Economides, A. (2013). Broadband business by utilities infrastructure exploitation: A multistage competition model. Telecommunications Policy, 37(1), pp.63-79. Becvar, Z., Bestaƃ‚ k, R. and Kencl, L. (2012). NETWORKING 2012 workshops. Berlin: Springer. Cong-Vinh, P. (2013). Context-aware systems and applications. Berlin: Springer. Du, W. (2013). Informatics and management science IV. London: Springer. Fischer, P. (2012). Information flow based security control beyond RBAC. Wiesbaden: Springer Vieweg. Vanmechelen, K., Altmann, J. and Rana, O. (2012). Economics of grids, clouds, systems, and services. Berlin: Springer.

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